Marathon Training: Active recovery


imageAfter running 28 Km on Sunday Monday was a rest day.

In the morning I went to the gym and pushed weights and did ab exercises. I increased the number of stomach crunches I do on the exercise ball to sets of 200 as I think my stomach is a bit weak. Spent just over an hour in the gym. I am lazy and bored easily. 60/65 minutes is about all I can stand.

In the afternoon I ran with Tamami over her new course. It was meant to be 12km but really was only 11km. I found the hills a little hard and my legs felt a bit tired. We ran pretty slowly but I kicked the last Km home as hard as I could. This caused a little friction !

I think even an easy day like this is some benefit.

A fairly relaxed start to the week.

Slightly less than 4 weeks till the Melbourne Marathon. I have now also entered a Marathon in South Korea in November. Should be fun.






All replies welcome.

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