Marathon Training: Helping Tamami


imageTamami is coming back from her four leg operations and has managed to run 36 Km a couple of times in preparation for the Melbourne Marathon in a few weeks time. However these runs have consisted of 12 Km laps which after each she stops and has a gel and a drink of water.

On Tuesday she wanted to run 30 Km. I decided to run part of the way with her and have her run without any stops for drinks or gels or road crossings….nothing…no stops.

When we started it was cool overcast weather conditions. But after about a couple of Kms it started to rain. I was wearing only a singlet ( see Pic) and no cap. Normally when it rains I like to have a cap and then pretty much just ignore the rain.

We ran reasonable slowly at around 5.35 per Km. Run went well despite the rain although after about 20 Kms it got very heavy. Tamami ran ok till about 23 Km and then tired. I was planning to just run 25 Km and let her run the last 5 Km by her self. But when we got to near the 25 Km Mark we decided to call it off. There was no point struggling another 5 Km at 6 minute per Km pace.

Still it was a decent enough run. 25 Km at 5.42 minutes per Km pace. I did find the run very easy which I suppose is something.

Tuesday’s run gave me a total of 65 in three days. A half Marathon a day for three days.Good enough but I don’t want to really do any more than that.

Weight 64.5 Kgm. OK


All replies welcome.

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