Marathon Training: Picking up the pac


imageUnfortunately I have no speed and really not much stamina. Not the ideal attributes ( or lack of them) to take into a Marathon. I also feel that I lack a bit of will power. My plan today was to run my normal 8km ( 5 mile) route through the suburban streets and then make a U turn and run it in reverse. I wanted to run a steady first half and then try and run the second half at a faster pace. Meaning to try and increase the pace ( however slow to begin with) for the run home. get out of my comfort zone and not just plod around like a sick wombat.

It was quite windy out of the road and about 10 degrees. I had some hills and a lot of turns and even a bit of grass to run over. But I went over bridges and under tunnels so no real roads to cross so there was no excuse to stop.

I ran the first half fairly well. Always takes me a while to get going and in fact the first three Km were deadly slow in 5.36,5.38,5.31. Even at that snail pace I did not feel great. Fortunately I picked it and got to the turn at 40.26 ( actually my fastest time….).

The run home ( actually a bit less than 8 Km ) was 38.01 so I achieved my aim of running faster later in the run. Last three Kms 5.05,5.00,4.41. I found this hard.

Maybe I will do better in an actual race.

I did push myself when I felt bad but I am still slow.



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