Marathon: 13 th Melbourne Marathon


imageIn a few weeks time I aim to run the Melbourne Marathon for the 13 th time. I ran my first in 1979 and then ran a total of 11 up to 1990. I then took a break and ran my 12 th Melbourne Marathon in 2013.( See Photo).

If you run the Melbourne Marathon ten times you can join the Spartan Club and wear the yellow and green singlet as I am in the photo. If you run 15 times you get a Blue Singlet. I would like a blue singlet. 15 Melbourne Marathons sounds a good number to do and then take another break.

Last year I pretty much just jogged the Melbourne Marathon. I got a BQ ( Boston Marathon Qualification) which was ok but I did not go very fast. This year….well I am not sure….????

Tomorrow I will try a long run to see if I can keep going for a decent length of time. I would like to think I can finish strongly….we shall see.

As I am running long tomorrow I took it easy today. I went to the Gym and did an hour of upper body weights and ab exercises. I find the whole process of the Gym terribly boring.

In the afternoon I ran 3 Km. My legs actually felt a bit heavy. Not great when you consider I have a long way to run very soon.


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