Marathon;Long Run


imageI know the LONG RUN is the basis of Marathon training and is something that HAS to be done. But I have been finding my long runs ( which it may be argued are not really that long) pretty damn hard.

Today the plan was to run 24 Km with Tamami San and then kick on for another 11 Km. But talk is cheap. It is easy to make plans but another thing to get out of the road and actually do them. So often I am weak and lack will power to do these things.

Almost from the beginning my legs felt heavy. I took a cough drop at the start. Did that help? Not sure. I carried two gels but only ate one at about 13 Km.

Just after we started ( about 12km) we saw friend Peter running in the opposite direction. He looked ok which did not make me feel any better. We saw him again when he stopped after he had run 14 Km ( and a race early that morning !!) and I grabbed a mouthful of water from him. I had planned to run without water today however it was quite good to take a sip at that stage as I was still not feeling very well.

I left Tamami San after 24 Km and went off over a hilly section of the course by myself. I increased the pace but did some calculations and determined I would pass home at 31 Km. I knew that would be it. I suppose I could have plodded out for another 4 Km but could not do it.

I pushed a bit but generally felt pretty miserable. My 30th Km was 5.25 minutes per Km pace which was the fastest apart from the last Km ( which was probably less than a Km) which I ran ( staggered ) at 4.57 pace.

Overall 31 Km in 2-52.

Pretty sad that I have run a Marathon faster than 2-52 and now can only run 31 Km in that time.

After today I am not sure how I will go in the actual Marathon Race. Today’s run kinda hurt my confidence a bit. Felt tired.

In the last week I have run 118 Km

I weighted myself before and after the run. Lost 2.6 Kgm. Maybe that’s the key to weight loss…just plonk around the streets for 3 hours and the fat falls off !! 🙂



2 thoughts on “Marathon;Long Run

  1. Thanks.
    For a while( in the 80s) I used to run 120-130 Km per week. ( one week 176) but eventually found that my time for the Marathon improved when I dropped back to only 90 KPW. I don’t want to get into the trap of simply counting Kays.
    Looking forward to the next issue of ‘ The only Running Blog you need to read’.

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