Marathon: Books on Runni


imageI read many books on running. Here is a good one I am just finishing. About an American chap in 2008 who wants to run across America. As it says on the cover ‘ 3,063 Miles’. Excellent read. Although probably reading this will put you off extreme ultras  forever.

The Writer sets out his ‘ Ten Commandments of Endurance’. Although these are perhaps written primarily for the Ultra Man/women they hold good for distance running in general. There are five of them.

1. Expect a journey and a battle.

2.Don’t dwell on the negative.

3.Transcend the Physical.

4.Suffering is OK.

5.Quitting is not an option.

As for me I took it very easy today and ran only 3 Km after running 31 Km yesterday. Didn’t feel that flash. No big deal.

Three weeks till the Melbourne Marathon.





All replies welcome.

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