Marathon: Gym on hold.


imageI suspended my Gym membership today until December. I have the Melbourne Marathon coming up in a couple of weeks  and then I am going back to Japan a few days after the race.Back in Australia for summer.

Today I did my usual 60 minutes of upper body weight work and ab exercises at the Gym. As always I do not take a break and just move from weights to ab exercises and then back. I time my sessions and never do less than one hour.Pretty boring.

Not sure weight work  will help my running much but l think it will keep my body in reasonable condition. Also all those ab things must make my stomach stronger. That must surely be a plus.

Tomorrow I will have a long run so today I only ran 3 Km. Funny how just a miserable short distance like 3 Km can feel a bit of an effort. I try not to think about running 42 !!

All replies welcome.

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