Marathon: Mid week Long(ish) run.


imagePlan today was to get up early and go to Albert Park Lake and run 30 Km.

Around the lake is very boring ( you can look at ducks and swans I suppose but really once you have seen one swan you have seen them all) but it is generally flat and only one minor road to cross each lap. Not a bad course although not particularly fast.

I had forgotten just how windy it was. From the first step Tamami and I ran into a strong wind. The wind off the lake was none too warm either.

We ran the first 20 Km together and then I increased the pace and ran the last 10 Km by myself. My pace was 5.28 minutes per Km for the last 10 Km. I really pushed the last Km running it in 4.47.

I found this reasonably hard ( and certainly boring…over 6 laps ).I didn’t feel that great which is not that encouraging since the Marathon is a lot longer than this. But over all ,considering the wind and running on gravel and dodging puddles and running part alone,it was a reasonable run.

I ran  without gels or water so maybe on The Day I will feel better adding a drink or two and a few Gels.

Weight 64.4 Kgm.



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