Marathon Training: Recovery


imageI felt pretty good today after a fairly hard 30 Km yesterday with the last 10 Km being run very hard into the wind . However I am trying to be a little smart and not just do more and more. Today was an easy day.Recovery from my 30 Km run and at the same time get myself ready for another 30 Km on Sunday morning.

Even though I did not feel too bad as soon as I started running I could feel the effort of yesterday in my legs. Felt a bit heavy and certainly slow.

Today: Run 3 Km.  150 stomach crunches and 60 push ups.

I am hoping having easy days like today will pay off when I run the Melbourne Marathon in two weeks time. I am not trying for anything flash in this Marathon I just want to be able to finish running and not just limp plod to the finish.

All replies welcome.

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