Marathon Training: Longish run


imageWith two weeks to go until the Melbourne Marathon I agreed to run 30 Km with Julz.

Conditions were pretty hard. Hot at 25 degrees and very very windy.

Julz found it hard but pushed along to the finish. We made the run 24 and a bit. Certainly faster than Julz’s aimed for Marathon pace which is a big plus considering how bad the conditions were.

Despite struggling in the last few Kms Julz kicked with 500m to go and ran that bit at 4.06 pace. Maybe she could have gone a tad faster earlier!

I found this morning’ s run very easy but it was still 24 Km and that’s something. Normally when I run long,especially in the heat,I look like a dead person when I finish. Today I think I look a bit more human.

With only two weeks to go it’s hard to know what I should do. I have all my old diaries from previous Marathons but maybe what I did in 1984 should be modified for 2014.


All replies welcome.

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