Marathon: Supplement


imageI read somewhere that Bill Rodgers once said he was not sure how much benefit vitamins gave him but if he was running 175 miles a week why take a chance.

I am very lucky with my food with Tamami giving me many greens and veggies even if I do not always feel they are the most exciting thing to eat.

I do not take many supplements/ vitamins but I do take a few each day.

Her is what I am taking currently:

FISH OIL: I believe these have some anti inflam properties so they are good for this reason alone. They are meant to have some cardio benefits as well.

Calcium/ Vit D : For bones. Aussies surprisingly are often deficient in Vit D so this help I think.

MULTI Vit. : As I said I eat well so this is just insurance.

BEROCCA : These things have Vit B plus some Vit C,calcium,magnesium and zinc. All well and good but each morning I start the day with a 625 ml glass of water and a BEROCCA tablet flavours the ( boring) water.

Monday’s run was very short….say one Km….just got out the door and ran. No big deal with Melbourne Marathon less than two weeks away.

60 push ups….150 stomach crunches.



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