Marathon: Almost Taper time


imageRan with friend Peter today at 1 PM. Not my ideal time but as I was picking the route it was only fair that Peter chose the time.

With only a week and a half until the Melbourne Marathon I did not want to run too far. This will be Peter’s 3 rd Melbourne Marathon and my 13 th.

We ran an out and back course which I knew well. I felt a bit ill at the start but settled into a reasonable pace after about 8 Km. Took a gel at around 11km and then did a U turn and ran back. I have been trying to run the second half of my runs faster than the first half lately.

Conditions were pretty good although wind came up near the end. Nothing as bad as yesterday which was something.

In the last 4 Km Peter struggled whilst I felt reasonably good. Peter had in fact trained that morning so maybe that was to be expected. Perhaps not the smartest of moves but then again perhaps the more the better. Peter had also not eaten lunch which also may not have been that wise as it was after 3 when we finished. Personally I would have died of hunger !! 🙂 Still he finished solidly.

We ran just under 22 Km in 1.56 which although not super fast,especially with the last 4 Km being pretty slow, was pleasing enough for a training run over an undulating course run in the middle of the day. I suppose if you did the calculations that would equate to about a 3.48 Marathon.

Melbourne Marathon is Sunday week. I am starting for feel a little nervous.  Not sure if I have done enough.




All replies welcome.

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