imageAfter around 22 Km yesterday I took it pretty easy today. I ran 6 Km. Does not sound like much but it’s still a half hour plus out on the road. I did not take a watch and probably ran a bit fast  even with my heavy training shoes.

I like to think I could…can….run the last 6 Km of the Marathon hard. Thinking so is easy. I just hope I have the Will power to lift the pace at 36 Km. Or at least keep running and not just sink into a sorry jog plod.

I think the main thing in running a slow Marathon over 3 and a half hours is just to keep going. You certainly don’t have to run very fast. Just keep it up.  I have been trying to run the second half of my training runs at a faster pace than the first half. The idea being to feel bad and then run faster. But doing it in a Marathon may not be so easier.


All replies welcome.

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