Marathon: Taper Time


imageMelbourne Marathon is tomorrow week. My plan was to run a steady 17 Km on Saturday and then move into taper time. I got up early and had my pre race breakfast in anticipation of running.

However today’s morning run was cancelled so I ran only 6 Km by myself in the afternoon. Longer run rescheduled for tomorrow ( Sunday ). After that it’s pure taper. 🙂

It was about 26 degrees when I ran today which I felt was pretty warm. Bit of wind did not help much either. Still it’s all training. I would have liked to feel a bit better over so short a distance but still felt a bit hard. Wore my heavy training shoes at 247 gms. maybe I will do better in my racing shoes. 200 grams.

100 push ups and 300 crunches.

Used the roller a bit on my quad which is hurting a bit.

Tomorrow will be 16/17 on fairly flat paths. Should be fun.

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