Marathon Taper Run


imageONE week until the Melbourne Marathon.

Today the plan was to run with Julz over 16/17 Km. It will be Julz’s first Melbourne Marathon.

I felt I did not need a hard run nor a long run. Just a steady run for 80-90 minutes.

Unfortunately I could not get to sleep until late last night. It was the start of day light savings so we lost an hour. Then I woke in the middle of the night and could not get back to sleep. Eventually I had breakfast at 8 AM ( old 7 AM) in anticipation of a 9 AM run. Not my ideal preparation. Accordingly come 9AM I was looking half dead…see above photo.

Weather was ideal. Julz and I  took the first few Kms pretty slowly. Mainly because I felt a bit sick. After about 8 Km I started to feel pretty good. In fact I felt fantastic.Wearing my racing shoes I felt strong and full of energy. We were only running at 5.25 pace which I suppose had something to do with it.

Pace near the end was a little hard for Julz but she rallied and finished well. We  were well under the pace she needs for next Sunday. In fact with 200m to go she sprinted at a pace I could not match. !! She should certainly hit her goal for next week.

Felt really good after the run.  I know it was very short and not that fast but helped my confidence to know I can run 16/17 Km without feeling any stress.

Now to get right into that Taper and come to the starting line with fresh legs and a mind ready to race.


All replies welcome.

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