Marathon Taper: 1985


imageIt have all my running diaries going back to 1981

With the Melbourne Marathon 2014 coming up on Sunday I decided today have a look and see how I tapered for the 1985 Melbourne Marathon.

In 1985 I had just started running Marathons and was still very slow. Although I am a great deal slower now.

My Taper in 1985

Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday …7 Km,9km,7 Km

Thursday,Friday,Saturday, 2.5 Km each day

Sunday Marathon 3-07.30 ( PB).

In 1985 I really had no idea.  Half  way in 88.45..,.30 Km in 2-08.30 and 35 Km in 2-32.

My diary says  ” fell to pieces in the last 7 Km”. I did not write that I walked but I probably did.

I think my training in those days was pretty messy.

About that time I ran my 1000 th day in a row….total 10,754.5 Km.

TODAY….2014…. I ran 3 Km and did 25 push ups and 60 stomach crunches.


All replies welcome.

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