Marathon : Which shoes?



WEDNESDAY : Another day into the Taper. 6 Km at a steady pace.
100 push ups. 200 Stomach crunches.
Tapering is not much fun.

I have yet to decide which shoes to wear in the Melbourne Marathon on Sunday.
One pair is heavier that the other.
I weigh about 65 kgms currently. But I think I hit the ground like a heavier runner.

My heavier shoes which I use ( together with another heavy pair ) for training weigh 245 grams.
Now this is not that heavy compared to many other shoes.
They have the advantage of providing more heal cushioning. I certainly don’t intend to run on my heals but I am VERY SLOW and will be taking over three hours to run this marathon. Well actually more like over 3 hours 30 minutes. Accordingly it may late in the race that I will be landing more on the back of my foot when I run out of energy. I will be out there for a very long time.

My lighter shoes weight 200 grams. I call them my racing shoes. I ran 16kms in them on Sunday with no trouble.But 16 Km is not a Marathon.Plus i was running very slowly.Further I paced Julia to a 1-50 Half Marathon a couple of weeks ago. I did not have any trouble there. But again jogging a half Marathon is not running the whole 42.2 Km.

So which shoes should I wear?
Jury is still out.


2 thoughts on “Marathon : Which shoes?

  1. Good point. I suppose not that many. But a few….
    On numerous occasions over the last 30 odd years I have started recording how many Kms I run in each pair of shoes but I never keep it up.
    Leaning towards the light shoes….?????

All replies welcome.

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