My belief is that when running a Marathon you can sometime pull a fantastic run out of the box. You can sometimes crash and burn and run a shocker. But mostly when running a Marathon your finishing time reflects your ability at the time plus what training you have put in.
Accordingly I am of the opinion that my finishing time of 3-48.22 is pretty much an accurate assessment of my current condition.

In statistical terms I finished 2095 th out of 6417 finishers. ( I heard 7200 started)
I was 1775 th male out of 4440 finishers.
I finished in 19 th position in my age category (60+) out of 120 finishers.

NOW here is the blow by blow race report….

Race started at 7 AM with the temperature at 11 degrees. Perfect conditions which lasted until about the first 5 Km Mark and then got hotter and hotter with pretty much direct sun the whole way. So saying that I did not find it too bad although others may not have thought so.

FIRST 10 Km….I found the race very crowded and did not like the early turns or having to dodge tram tracks ( I complain a lot). I ran the first 10 Km in about 55 minutes…actually that was GUN time…I was running at about 54 pace. Found it reasonable although not as easy as I would have liked. I was in in 2868 th place. I was 36 th in my age group.
Saw friend Chris who gave me a cheer which was nice.

TO 20 Km….found the whole thing a little boring although I met friend Candida who I struggled to catch. I thought I was faster than her so that did not make me feel that good. I passed 90 odd other runners and moved to 31st position in my age group.
Saw Julz who called out. She looked very relaxed. Ran my fastest Km of the race at 16 Km which was 5.06. Started to feel strong but scared to push so early.
Passed friend Peter at about 28 Km and tried to help him.

To 30 Km….Passed another 145 runners and moved up one place in my age category to 30 th. I met some young women and spent 5 Km chatting to her….I held back here. Still scared of going too hard too early. Left her at 25 and immediately increased 15 seconds per Km.

TO 40 Km….my longest training run had been 31 Km so a bit scared. Ran 31st Km in 5.36…. After that ran the next 3 Km in 5.17,5.16 and 5.07… 34 th Km in 5.07 was my second fastest.
Passed another 462 runners and also 11 more my age group.

At 37km things stated to get bad. Maybe I was running up a hill but I started to feel bad…37 th Km in 5.45….38 th Km in 5.52. Not good.
In my motivation book there is a phrase… ” I don’t like this but I can stand it “. I said that about half a dozen times.
At training I have been trying to overcome my lack of Will power by running the second half of my runs at a faster pace than the first. Trying to run with tired legs.
Told myself I have trained for this. Not sure I believed it. ๐Ÿ™‚
Pushed 39 th Km to 5.24 and 40 to 5.30.

TO finish…..There seemed to be a very long up hill as I made the second last turn.Very unexpected !
Ran the 41st Km in 5.19. Happy enough as the ‘up’ section seemed to go on forever.
Passed another 74 runners. No one passed me.
Ran 42nd Km in 5.15. I could smell the finish. Feeling less than great when some women called to me at 41 Km telling me it was 2 Km to go.

Then someone called 300 to go and we turned a corner into another up hill….up hill to the finish.. !! I made some wimpy effort at a ‘ sprint ‘ and ran the last 474m at 4.46 pace.

Apart from my quads which are falling off now I pulled up fairly well.
Maybe I could have run faster….you never know….at 26 Km I did feel great but maybe if I had gone faster I would not have finished so well.

I made the Boston Qualify Mark by about 7 minutes and improved on last year’s time by 6 minutes.

I beat friends Candida by 13 minutes ,Peter by about 26 minutes and Chris by 48.
Tamami run well in her comeback run after her operation and ran 4.02. I ran with the fear she would catch me.
Julz ran a massive 19 minute PB which was for me the highlight of the day.


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