Marathon Recovery



When I first ran Marathons in the late 70s and early 80s my recovery consisted of doing nothing. But when I started running EVERY day I was forced to run the day after each Marathon race. Although somewhat painful I think for me at least this was a wise move.

Its now two days since I ran the Melbourne Marathon. My quads are still sore and my calves are also hurting. However today I popped on my training shoes and dragged myself out for a run. I only ran about a mile ( 1.6km) today. It was slow but a lot better than yesterday’s run. True I felt a bit sick but I think that may have been partly due to the celebratory afternoon tea at the Windsor Hotel today.

My recovery consists of slow jogging. I am of a mind that this works for me. Certainly far better than sitting around complaining about how bad I feel.I don’t intend to stress myself by running hard or long. Just turning my legs over.

I used to say that by Thursday after a Sunday Marathon the pain had all but disappeared. This certainly held true in 1985. Hopefully true for 2014.


All replies welcome.

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