Marathon Recovery.




Stupid move by me yesterday. One hour before running I had a coffee and a Japanese bun thing. You would think I would know better. Although to some extent you would have to blame Tamami for making the coffee.

Anyway I felt full and sick from the start. Plan was to run the Secret Forest but it was probably too wet and slippery so ran along the path next to the forest.

After 5 Km I felt so bad I thought I would stop. I then increased the pace and ran as hard as I could for next three Kms. Tamami dropped off the pace and finished well back when we got to the last set of traffic lights.I stopped and walked across and then jogged home…only 2 Kms.

So I suppose 10 Km running is ok plus a hard 3 Km surge in the second half.

I must be smarter.

Started my push ups again …40 done.

Weight a whopping 67.4 Kgm…….I blame Tamami for my weight.


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