Marathon:Recovery:Blood pressure.


It has now been a week and a half since I ran the Melbourne Marathon. I have been taking it easy and only running between 5 and 10 Km each day and spending less than an hour in the gym.image

This morning I spent the morning dodging the rain as I walked and walked around the streets of Tokyo.
I did 200 stomach crunches and 40 push ups when I got home. Better than nothing.

In the afternoon following my plan of taking it easy I only went for a short jog.
I then went to the apartment building’s Gym.

I thought I would take my blood pressure and heart rate. But when I got there I forgot about this plan and did another 200 stomach crunches to start the session.
I then remembered my earlier plan and took my blood pressure which came out as 144 over 80. Probably on the high side if you look at the chart above.

My Heart Rate came in as 41 which is good considering I find the stomach crunches fairly taxing.

Pushed weights for about 40 minutes. I tried to work hard with the heaviest dumbbells but probably could have done more.
I will work on this.

An ok day for a rest day.


All replies welcome.

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