Marathon:recovery proceeding



I am taking it easy for two weeks after running the Melbourne Marathon. Today is Thursday in the second week. I am looking forward to these weeks being over and if can get back into it.

Today I stomped around Tokyo in the rain before going to a flash French Restaurant in the Ginza area of Tokyo for a three course meal. Very nice food. A nice experience.

In the morning I took my Blood pressure again. After breakfast it 148 over 77. Maybe not ideal but not too bad. My Heart Rate was 49. maybe it would have been lower if not for the early morning coffee.

65 push ups and 200 crunches. I would like to make it 100 push ups and 500 stomach crunches each day. I must not be so lazy.

There was light rain when I set out on the roads this afternoon. But generally conditions suited me. I ran alone through the Shinagawa streets.I thought I ran ok today and covered two of the Secret Forests. 13 Km. Took me over 67 minutes which shows I am not exactly flying. Finished in the dark which may have seemed faster than it was.

Weight now 66.8 Kgm. Still no light weight but moving downwards despite eating. So that is something.


All replies welcome.

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