Marathon Recovery: Backing off.



Started the day with 125 push ups and 400 stomach crunches. I know that does not sound like much but for me it is quite a lot. I would like to do 250 push ups….but maybe that is a dream for future days.

After a reasonably good run yesterday of around 13 Km through the secret Forests of Shinagawa I thought maybe a half way decent long run was the order of the day.
BUT then I thought….do not be stupid…or as stupid as usual. These two weeks after the Melbourne Marathon are when you put your feet up and relax and do absolutely nothing at all.

So I scotched the idea of a long hard run and decided just to run around the canals near my Tokyo Apartment. Approximately 5 Km.
Upon starting my right calf felt a little sore and my legs were heavy. Plus my stomach seemed strained.
However by 2 Km I got into and ran ( for me) quite fast. With one Km I was feeling a little miserable at how slow I am so I ran as hard as I could to the finish.

Felt a little faint upon finishing and used the traffic light signal post to lean on. Local Japanese shoppers probably thought I was some strange foreign creature about to expire.

Soon I will get back into it. But today was a day of backing off and having a well earned rest.


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