Marathon Recovery: In the dark



Did not sleep much last night and now seem to have developed a slight head cold.Certainly did not feel much like running today.

When I finally got out on the roads of Tokyo it was already getting dark. Here it is dark at 5.30….back in Australia at this time of year it’s still quite light until 9.30 or so.

Fortunately the paths along the canals near my apartment are reasonably well lit.

I only ran 5 Km but I felt a bit better once I was out of the apartment and running.

Lazy again with only 50 push ups and 150 stomach crunches.

Pulse rate before breakfast was 44 which is ok.

Tomorrow is the 2 week anniversary of my latest Melbourne Marathon. I think that pretty much does it for the recovery side of things. I still have a sore calf but I can ignore that.

Time to go running again me thinks. šŸ™‚


All replies welcome.

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