Marathon Recovery Finished.



Yesterday ( Sunday ) was two weeks since I ran the Melbourne Marathon. I have given myself two weeks to recover which I have now completed. Now of course I have to get out the door and try to run again. No more just sitting around and getting fat.

Plan for my last rest day did not really go as I intended.

My cleverly(!!) thought out plan was that I would run the Five Secret Forests of Shinagawa and then run around the Tokyo Port Wild Bird Park where I had never been before. Then get back to the forests and run home. Maybe two hours but probably less.

First part went well and Tamami and I reached the end of the Five Forests in 39 minutes. I started feeling a bit sore in my legs but seemed to have picked it up thru the trees. I am not sure if I have been sub 40 before.

Unfortunately when I got to the Bird Park there did not seem to be an entrance despite us running around 90% of it? We then decided to take a short cut home via some bus stops Tamami remembered from her High Schools day….or something like that.

After about another 45 minutes of running we were hopelessly lost and decided to get back to the place where the ‘short cut ‘ started.

We then found the Gate to the Park. As it was now dark the place was closed. It also cost 340 yen to go in. But worse there were many warnings IN English telling you to use lots of insect repellant and covering clothing ! No thanks. Cross that off my list of places to visit.

On the way home with about 7 Kms to go we passed a strong looking middle aged runner. He then locked in behind us forcing us to run faster and faster. At this stage we had been running for well over 2 hours. At one stage we were almost sprinting to hold this mad man behind us. Some people are unbelievably competitive. Still it made for an interesting finish.

Recovery over.
Weight 65.6 Kgm
BP 139/77
HR 46

Next Marathon Seoul.


All replies welcome.

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