Marathon Training Begins.



After my Melbourne Marathon Recovery finished on Sunday I started running again yesterday with a 5 Km run around the canals next to my Apartment in Tokyo. I had run for a couple of hours on the day before ( Sunday) and my legs felt heavy. Even a gentle 5 Km can be far from easy when you are feeling less than par. Finished hard and felt a bit dizzy. Leaned against a post after finishing…pretended I was stretching. 🙂

After running yesterday I took my heart rate and blood pressure. Actually 5 minutes after as I had to stagger across the road after finishing and up to the 19 th floor.
Heart Rate was 56 and BP was 132/79. Not too bad.
This morning ( Tuesday ) I took my HR and BP before breakfast. BP was 140/68 and HR was 40.

Yesterday I did 100 push ups and 400 crunches. I still think I am carrying weight around my stomach and I know crunches and sit ups will not really shift this. But I do these crunches mainly for strength. I hope running will add to definition at a later date. Summer back in Australia should help if I can get some runs up sand dunes.

This morning ( Tuesday ) I changed my exercise and did 25 push ups and 100 crunches. then I repeated twice more…that’s 75 push ups and 300 crunches. Does not sound like much but still left me feeling a bit sick.

Plan is to do a long run tomorrow ( Wednesday ). I will run around the palace with Tamami. I am not sure I can do this but will give it a try at least.

Seoul Marathon November 9 th.

All replies welcome.

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