Seoul Marathon Training



With the Seoul Marathon only a week and a half away it was time for Tamami and I to get out on the road and do a spot of training.

As we are living in Tokyo the logical place to go for a bit of a run was the Palace. It’s pretty much a 5 Km lap around with some solid inclines on one side. Can I can them hills?

Tamami wanted to do a solid 30 Km whilst I was happy just to cruise around for the half Marathon distance with her to get my legs moving again.

I did not really feel that great at the start feeling a bit sick at 9 Km. Tamami suggested a stop for a drink but I thought it’s a poor day when I have to stop after 9 Km. During today’s run I took no drinks although Tamami drank some water at the 25 Km Mark.

We cruised around dodging many many tourists and a fair number of runners. Later in the run there were many lunch time runners some of whom ran very quickly.Meaning they passed us. 🙂

I did not find the hills particularly easy but generally kept up a steady pace.


At about 18 Km Tamami who had been running pretty well slowed a bit and I kicked on alone to finish at 21.1km. My last three Kms were run in 5.15…4.59….5.01.

Tamami after falling behind picked up the pace and ran the last 10 Km well finishing with a total of 30 Km. A good comeback run.

Just a fairly steady jog for me today which was not particularly fast but at least turned my legs over. Also showed I can lift the pace when I need to. Or perhaps when I see the finish line in sight.


All replies welcome.

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