Marathon Seoul : Week to go Run


Next Sunday I will run the Seoul Marathon. Today in Tokyo I went to the Palace for a final hit out.

I had a bit of a cold over night but figured I could run it out.
Further I was only planning
on running 15 Km so no big effort would be required.

Met with a number of my Namban Rengo ( Japanese Club) team mates and started running at a very moderate pace.


We ran extremely slowly at the start…. partly dues the large number of other runners going around. Plus there was some Charity Fun Run ( for Pancreatic Cancer) which a lot of people ran but also a lot of people walked.

After 10 Km most of the other runners had stopped and Tamami and I ran on with old friend Rie San and a new young girl. I did notice I was the only non Japanese and only guy still going around. We ran the last lap a bit faster but really not that much faster.

I wore my light weight racing shoes. My knee felt bad afterwards and I thought maybe it was the shoes. I will try another pair in anticipation of the Seoul Marathon.

The run was quite fun. At the pace we were running ( about 5.50 a lot of the time!!! ) it was easy to chat. A really enjoyable outing.

All replies welcome.

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