Seoul Marathon Taper


With the Seoul Marathon scheduled for Sunday it’s about time for a spot of tapering.
I ran a pretty easy 15 Km with Namaban Team Mates yesterday at the Palace so I suppose that could be considered a bit of a taper.

Funny how the only ones finishing with me were Japanese girls.


I was not happy with my racing flats I used yesterday so tried some other light weight shoes today. Jury is still out.
I only ran 5 Km today as I am suffering from a bit of a cold.I also went for a long walk in the morning….I am not a great one for walking but I saw some of the neighborhood which I have not seen before… it was a worthwhile exercise.

But worse feeling a bit sick….the outside of my left knee was hurting me quite badly the whole run.
I started at a moderate pace today and increased the speed throughout the run.
I found it a little hard to breath near the end. Took a little while to recover.


Was told that I always complain about injuries before races. I am not sure that this is true or if it makes my knee feel any better.
Still I iced for about 20 minutes and that seemed to do the trick.At least I hope so.

Today’s run was perhaps a tad too fast but it was good to move a little faster after yesterday’s enjoyable but far from taxing turn around the Palace with the Namban horde.

75 push ups and 300 stomach crunches. I would like to do twice this each day but am just too lazy. Maybe after I put this Korean Marathon to bed I can really start to work harder.
I am too scared to weigh myself. 🙂


All replies welcome.

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