Marathon Taper


Wednesday today,race on Sunday. It is not a super important Marathon for me….I have Tokyo and Paris coming up. But it is still 42.2 Km. Accordingly I am really embracing the whole concept of Tapering.

The whole idea of tapering is of course to give your body a bit of a rest and get to the starting line with fresh legs and a strong desire to run.

For these days before the Marathon in South Korea I am taking it very easily.
It is really not that much fun. But it is only for a few days so I can live with it.

Today I did not run at all. Well I did go out and run 5 Km around the canals near my Tokyo Apartment. I used an old pair of racing flats I found in the back of the shoe cupboard. ( Actually Tamami found them).I really can’t remember them but they worked well enough today. Today’s run was pretty easy


I ran with Tamami and I think we both found the pace pretty slow. But it turned our legs over so that was something.

Yesterday ( Tuesday) was another easy jog.
Also did 300 stomach crunches and 75 push ups.
After this Seoul marathon is out of the way I will do more exercises.


All replies welcome.

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