Marathon on Sunday


Leaving for Seoul early tomorrow morning in anticipation of running the Marathon there on Sunday morning.

Today was a special lunch out and then a bit of walking around central Tokyo.

I still have a bit of a cold but hope to shake that off over night.

Today’s running was only a very short jog. Taper in the true sense of the word.
I plan to be ready to run on Sunday. Legs fresh.

Predicted temperature for the race is between 3-14 degrees. No rain ! Sound good to me.

A little worried with the crowds. Did not much like Melbourne Marathon with about 7000 runners….this one in South Korea has 35,000 people entered !! Aaahhhh.

Plan is to run with Tamami and hopefully get her a BQ…a qualification for Boston. I have already qualified. With a Bit of luck she will also pick up an age qualifier for next year’s New York Marathon as well.

Paris,Melbourne,New York in 2015. Boston in 2016. Has a nice ring to it.


And away we go…..


All replies welcome.

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