Marathon Tomorrow.


Tomorrow I will run the Seoul Marathon. I will run with Tamami with the plan to get her a Boston Qualification.She is certainly capable of this.

We may not be the fastest runners around but I think our race preparation is pretty damn good.
But saying that we did do quite a lot of walking around the streets of Seoul yesterday which was not really that ideal. We also had to travel some distance to collect our race packages.


We have all our gear ready as per the above photograph.

Not much running the last two days….when we collected our race numbers this morning we saw a group of 4 Kenyans running around the park. Maybe for them it works but I think the walking to the subway and the Race Office was enough for us.

We shall have pasta for dinner which is pretty much the norm. In the 80s I did the traditional carbo depletion and loading…..not sure if that was correct or not. I remember the depletion stage being pretty rough. Nowadays just a good meal before the race.

We are planning on jogging slowly ( very slowly) to the subway station. We will only have our racing gear on plus a throw away Tee shirt.

We are looking forward to a great experience.


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