Marathon Report : Seoul


Today Tamami and I ran the JoongAng Marathon in Seoul. The aim was to enable Tamami to qualify for Boston. For her the qualifying time is 4 hours flat. She ran 4-03 in the heat of Melbourne so was certainly capable of getting that BQ.


Race day started well with our usual light breakfast and then a slow jog of about 1.5 Km to the train station.
We were well on time and did some more light jogging. We then waited in a bank kiosk to keep warm as it was only 7 degrees and we had only our racing gear on.

START: Be were in B group and had little difficulty in getting going despite a field of around 10,000 ( I think). My aim was to run at 5 minute 30 pace which whilst moderate enough would bring us home a bit over 3 hours 50. It would also allow for some slow down later in the race.
First two Km 5.36 and 5.34. We then increased the pace a little and did the first 5 Km in 27.19. ( 11 seconds ahead of schedule)
Second 5 Km 27.25 ( 5 seconds under)
Third 5 Km. 26.45 ( 45 seconds under)
Fourth 5 Km 27.01 ( 29 seconds under)

I felt a bit sick at the start but after 20 Km it felt like we were walking.
Tamami said she was happy with the pace but maybe I made it too fast.
I wore my racing flats and it was hard to hold back but I tried to keep the pace moderate.

MIDDLE: 20-25 took us 26.59….again under race plan pace…31 seconds under.
Tamami look fantastic but my right calf was hurting me every step but at this pace it did not matter.
My racing shoes were hurting my feet…..but so what ?
25-30 Km took 27.57….now were drifting back a little with that 5km split being 27 slower than race plan.

It was then the 3-50 pacer passed us….I figured we still had 10 minutes in the bag so even if we. Slowed we could still break 4 hours.

END: We ran the 31st Km in 6.03 and Tamami started to struggle a bit but the next Km was 5.39 so not too bad I thought.
30-35 took 29.00. 90 seconds behind target.

It was then the wheels fell off.
Tamami is very strong willed and never gives up or stops but she lacked the energy to hold the pace.
35-40 Km Took us 32.06. It was a real struggle.
The left side of my knee started to hurt a lot but I started pulling away from Tamami. I stopped a number of times for her to catch up.

LAST two Kms…6.55 and 6.22
A real struggle.

We finished with say 300m on the track but it was really really slow.

Not sure of exact time but around 4-04. I think we did the first half in 1-54.

My feet suffered a bit. I think I will retire these racing flats.

Good effort on Tamami’s part to fight to the end despite being in a lot of pain.


Another Marathon in the books. Good to have done…but…but….they are sure a long way.

Well organized race….nice goodies bag with can of drink,banana,cake,sweet thing…chewing thing…water. ( We got our T shirts earlier ).


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