Marathon : Day after


Tamami has pulled up really well after running the Marathon here in Seoul yesterday.
Her official time was 4-00.56
Official splits were
10 Km 54.01
10-20 Km 54.00 ( Can I ever set an even pace or what!!)
20-30 Km 55.42
30-40 Km 62 plus
40 to Finish took over 15 minutes.

An ok run but changes in training needed.
She took two gels and thought that was not enough.

She is reasonably happy with beating her Melbourne Marathon time of 4 weeks ago by about 3 minutes.


Personally I found the run rather easy although very frustrating trying to push Tamami to run harder at the finish.

UNFORTUNATELY now I have a lot of pain in the left side of my knee. I expect pain ( after all that is why one runs Marathons) but I am scared I may have torn or strained something. Not good.

BUT my plan now is to rest for a while before I start on my project to run the Tokyo Marathon on February 22 nd 2015.

Going back to Japan tonight….tomorrow I will hit the gym….spot of weights and then some bike.

Fingers crossed I am not injured.


All replies welcome.

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