Marathon: Recovery begins


After running the Seoul Marathon with Tamami on Sunday I have started my recovery.

I used to say that after a Marathon ( on a Sunday) the pain had pretty much gone by Thursday or Friday. Certainly I was in a very bad way yesterday( Monday). My left knee seemed completely wrecked ! I did not get out for a run until 11.30 PM yesterday and it was more like some dead drunk guy staggering along.

I am trying to be smart for once and ease back into it very…very…slowly.

Today I again took it very easy even though I felt a lot better. But I only did a short run.My knee still hurt but I am thinking it is just a lot of pain rather than a major injury.

I also went to the gym and pushed some light weights….actually the heaviest dumbell we have in the Apartment’s gym is 10 kilos so that’s all I CAN work with. I did all the lifting sitting down. Hopefully I can have the Will power to get to the gym every day from now on.


I also did 300 stomach crunches. I will increase this number soon. I know I will not look any thinner but it makes my stomach stronger and that must be good.

My Blood Pressure was 144 over 78. Perhaps a tad high.

My pulse rate on entering the gym but before starting was 45 bpm. OK.

Now I am back in Tokyo. A good feeling.


All replies welcome.

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