Marathon: Recovery


Three days after my second Marathon in a month I am now taking is easy. Recovering slowly. In other words doing nothing.

This morning 85 push ups and 450 stomach crunches. I suppose I could push the crunches up to 1000 a day but I am not sure I would gain that much.

In the evening I went to Oda Field an Athletic track in Tokyo to meet with some of my Namban Rengo team mates.


I ran 6 laps of the track. A part from a few pains behind the knee ( and sore toes of course) I felt quite good.


I probably could have joined the track session but hard as it is to believe I am trying to play it smart and recover very slowly. I did a fair amount of walking today and I think that also aided my recovery.


My NEXT marathon is On February 22 nd 2015 in Tokyo. So I have a lot of time to rest even before I begin my next campaign.



Tamami seems to have been a good recover and only has a small amount of pain in her legs.


Tomorrow I will not do any running at all apart from an easy 5 Km around the canals near my Tokyo apartment.


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