Marathon : Recovery Plan continues.


After running both the Melbourne and Seoul Marathon within 4 weeks I am now working towards my recovery. Accordingly I am taking it very easy at the moment.

This morning 75 push ups and 400 stomach crunches. I could have done more but am a bit lazy and find the stomach crunches ( which I do it batches of 50 ) very hard.

Every Thursday Tamami and I go out to a top Tokyo Restaurant for lunch. This means there are at least three courses. Fortunately some of these fancy places don’t really believe in over loading your plate with food. But it always looks great. Still probably more food than I would normally eat at lunch time.


My experience with running Marathons is that by Thursday after a Sunday race most of the pain has left your legs.
However I did not want to do any running at this stage.
But I thought an easy 5 Km is practically nothing. So Tamami and I ran around the canals near our Tokyo Apartment.

We ran reasonably well and did not push it.I think we both ran fairly smoothly.
Back of my left knee a little sore when I finished. Put some ice on and that seemed to help.

In 2015 I am running Marathon wise….
February. Tokyo
April. Paris
October. Melbourne.

There is also the Gold Coast Marathon in July…..maybe…..


All replies welcome.

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