Marathon: R & R


Five days after the Seoul Marathon I am still resting and taking it easy. Getting my energy back. Having a bit of Marathon style R & R. Rest and Recovery.

Started the day with 1000 stomach crunches and 100 push ups. I could do this every day I suppose but it takes a while. This was actually the most crunches I have ever done in one day.

Went to the Gym and did some upper body weights. Longer session than usual. My longest since arriving in Japan.


I was the only one in the gym. When I get back to Melbourne I shall continue the gym work and increase it a bit. It’s not very exciting. Melbourne is slightly better as there is always people around and music playing. Still I am not that keen.

In the late afternoon I again ran 5 Km around the canals near my Tokyo Apartment building.
Ran with Tamami. We both ran a little faster than yesterday although far from pushing it.
It was pretty much dark when we started. Thankfully the canal paths are well lit although you have to watch out for dog walkers with their tiny pets on long leashes.
Here it is dark just after 5. Back in Melbourne where it is summer and Day Light Savings is in it does not get dark till 9 PM. No real excuse for slacking off then.
But I am resting here so it is ok not to do much at this stage.

Back of my left knee still a bit sore. Again I put ice on after finishing which maybe helped.

Looked a little haggard after finishing. Recovery still a way to go.


Blood pressure today was 149/ 83. I don’t think that is particularly good. But probably not as bad as it could be.

Heart Rate at the Gym…before starting was 43. That is ok.

Weight was way up at 68.9 kilos. I have set myself an aim of getting back down to 66 by the end of the year. I would like to be 64 but maybe I am just too lazy to get there. 64 by the Tokyo Marathon would be great….but I keep eating food…so it will be hard.

It is exactly 100 days until the Tokyo Marathon. Makes me feel I should be exercising….but I know rest is important. I will rest and take it easy for a while yet.

Tomorrow I will get up early and go for a longer run with Namban Team mates at the Palace.That should be fun.


All replies welcome.

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