Marathon:Longest run since.


On Saturday I met with Namban Team Mates and ran two laps of the Palace. With 5 Km to a lap that’s 10 Kms and the longest run since I ran the Seoul Marathon last Sunday.


Photo was taken by a passing stranger who I think inserted part of her finger into the shot. 🙂

Found the pace ( about 5.30 ) very easy. Enjoyable to chat and run at the same time.

BAD NEWS is that my left knee really hurt for the rest of the day. Behind the knee actually. Not good.
I iced and took an anti inflam pill but still hurt a lot by bed time.
Do not care about muscle pain all that much but tendon injuries are another matter.
Always think I can simply run out pain,injuries and illness….hopefully I will improve.

I am going to the Palace again Sunday morning to run with a different group of Nambanners. If the pain is too bad I will pull the pin and run just 5 Km.

98 days until the Tokyo Marathon. Plan is to rest for a while yet and start training at the end of the year. Drop some weight…get into the gym….maybe get into the pool ( well maybe). Make myself strong and healthy and then attack the Marathon training.

Saturday: 200 stomach crunches and 50 push ups ( just could not get into it)

All replies welcome.

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