Marathon : Pain


Went to the Palace again this morning at an early hour to run with Tamami and our friend Mutsumi San.
From the start I was in a great deal of pain with my knee. Or rather behind the knee.We were going very very slowly but it hurt with every step.
It seemed stupid to continue so I stopped after 500m and let the girls run on alone,whilst I staggered to a woeful stop.

Didn’t feel too good limping back to the starting point. Pain in my knee seemd to be getting worse. Had trouble even walking.

After a while I decided that rather than just stand around on my lonesome getting cold and feeling a bit sick waiting for T & M to return,I would to try to manage one lap ( 5 Km) around the Palace,regardless of how bad I felt. Maybe I could run the pain out,I thought.

I decided to time the run just to see how slow I was on one leg.


I ran a bit over 27 minutes for the solo lap. That may seem very slow but I kept at it and of course over took a lot of other runners.

Many out doing the Palace run this Sunday morn. seemed to my eye over dressed in jackets and leggings….but maybe I was under dressed in singlet and shorts. Each to their own I suppose.

In contrast Saturday’s laps with Nambanners were averaging about 28 minutes plus….but I did slow yesterday so some could keep up.

I found the pace very gentle,still I had to really push myself to keep going.
Probably I felt better at the end than at the start.
Certainly after an enjoyable lunch at a local cafe and a few cups of coffee I felt a great deal happier. I managed the walk from the station to our apartment with out limping.

Lets see what the future has in store.


2 thoughts on “Marathon : Pain

  1. Reblogged this on A Year of Exercise. and commented:
    I have similar behind the knee pain and am doing a 10k race today. I was hoping for under an hour but don’t think that is realistic with the current soreness.
    Well done jon928, I love to read of your exploits! I’ll update my blog and knee ouch later.

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