Marathon : Knee Pain


Whilst Tamami blasted out a hard 5 Km this afternoon I sat around like a beached Hippo and wondered if my sore knee had healed itself as instructed.

After a less than stellar performance around the Palace on Sunday I decided on another rest day today ( Tuesday ). Nine days since the Seoul Marathon ( my second Marathon in 4 weeks ) so maybe I can still claim to be in recovery mode. ( Sounds better than plain lazy).

Went for a short jog. Some feeling…but it was short jog. Who knows?
Normally would have pushed myself to run the canals with Tamami regardless of the pain….pain is of course to be laughed at. But decided discretion is the better part of Valour. Or maybe I am just wimpy.

Feeling over weight and slow. Bit tired.

A day to do nothing.

Went to the Gym and pushed some weights. Everything done sitting down so as to not hurt my knee. After each set I increased the weight.
Thankfully Tamami came back from her run before I dropped a dumbbell on my head.
gave me a legit excuse to stop and go and watch Sumo. ( Felt like a bit of a sumo myself).


Had the gym to myself. No complaint there. Don’t want to be thought by other gym rats as a wimpy distance runner trying to lift some weights.


Feeling a little run down lately.
Took my Blood presure…162 over 83. Now that is surely not good. Will go to see my friend who is a doctor when I get back to Melbourne.

My Heart Rate was 42 which is quite good for late in the day. Yesterday it was 40 but this was before breakfast when it is traditionally low.

Too tired to do much else.

Managed to do 50 push ups.

Tamami had given me some especially strong Japanese medicine just before I went to the gym and said that the rule with this awful tasting gunk was not to exercise after taking. I told her that did not apply to me.


Did 200 stomach crunches. Again when I get back to Melbourne and my usual gym I will greatly increase this number. Also do some sessions on the Exercise ball and some pull ups on one of the machines designed to help your stomach.
I am carrying too much flab around my GUT I think.

I am planning to start exercising again on December 26 th…that sounds a good plan.


All replies welcome.

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