Marathon: Wonky knee better?


For the third day in a row I decided to take the day off and rest my knee. Not easy doing nothing. You feel whatever fitness you perhaps had just leaking away.

I have scheduled a run around the Palace tomorrow morning with some Namban friends. Hopefully my knee does not pain me.

Tamami again ran around the canals this evening. A good effort on her part. Helped no doubt by some flashy new shoes.


I limped and staggered down to the gym and did some upper body weight work with the dumbbells provided. Not a massive session. I will certainly do a lot more when I get back to Melbourne. I have suspended my Melbourne Gym membership until the end of next week. Then the fun begins.
Build a bit more muscle…drop a bit of flab. No more of these wimpy rest days.


Blood pressure was again on the high side today at 158/81.
Heart Rate was 41 which I think is pretty good as I took it late in the day after walking all over down town Tokyo for most of the day. Not to mention a cup or three of coffee.
I will turn my mind to my BP once I get back to Australia.

200 stomach crunches
100 push ups.
Too lazy to do more. 🙂

Purchased myself some flashy new shoes today. Prices here in Tokyo are just SO good compared to Australia. I could have got an even better deal if I had gone for last season’s models…but really….who would want to be seen wearing last year’s shoes ? No one wants to be the object of ridicule.
These shoes will serve me as training shoes for the Tokyo Marathon. I am rather pleased with them.


Tomorrow I will test my dodgy knee. Fingers crossed.


All replies welcome.

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