Marathon Recovery: Good& Bad


I had a very poor night and slept little last night. Being lazy upon rising instead of doing stomach crunches and push ups like most people to at 6 AM I staggered like some dead wombat straight to the breakfast table. But first I took my blood pressure and checked my Heart Rate.
HR was 42 which is excellent by anyone’s standard. But my BP was 172 over 98. Shocker. Does this mean I am dead?

Went to the Palace this morning to meet some Namban friends for a run.It would be my first run with my flashy new shoes. It would also be a chance to test out my wonky knee and see if I could get out of the oldman’s slow shuffle which has been my want for a few days now.


Ran a fairly easy 10 Km mostly with Adrian and Thomas. Very enjoyable to run with interesting folks. Talked all the way. Tamami and Masako San ran a lot slower due to an injury the latter is carrying. We met Rie San ,who has a Marathon scheduled for Sunday,during the second lap. Always good to see my first Japanese friend.

Shoes were great. Thankful I did not get the cheaper last season’s model which have last season’s colours.

My dicky knee hurt most of the way but with about 400m to go the pain seemed to disappear. Hooray I thought. But I was celebrating too soon. After stopping I could barely walk. I could not even straighten my leg ! A normal man would have been rushed to hospital….I went to Brunch.

Whilst everyone else walked towards the restaurant I limped behind,200m off the pace. Woe.

Felt a bit better on the way back to the apartment.
Pain still there certainly but at least I can sort of walk like a normal human being rather than a man with a wooden leg.


I have iced my poor knee and that seems to have helped. Hopefully a spot of resting will make me feel well enough to again run in this life time.

This afternoon I took my BP and HR again….Heart Rate was 47 which I suppose is ok after a couple of cups of coffee and a run….Blood pressure was 133 over 74 which is a lot better.

Tokyo Marathon is my aim…February 22nd 2015.


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