Marathon: Playing it smart


After limping away from yesterday’s 10 Km like a dead fish,I decided to play it smart today and give my body and especially my wonky left knee, a well earned break. Put the old feet up and do nothing,as the saying goes.

Stomped around Tokyo this morning fueled by a few welcome cups of coffee. Knee was sore but not overly so.


Once back in the apartment I decided that a very short jog with the order of the day. Actually I did not feel too bad. But still chose to rest rather than risk a longer run and maybe a longer lay off.Ran short and slow.

Then it was off to the Gym for some very light weights. Tamami returned from a good run around the canals so that gave me an excuse to call it a day,gym wise. Lazy is my middle name.


My Blood pressure was not too bad ( well for me anyway) when I took it on the Gym’s machine prior to pushing the dumbbells.
BP : 142 over 76.
Heart Rate was good despite numerous cups of coffee and a bit of walking.
HR: 41 bpm which is acceptable.

Everyone ( well some folk ) talk about how beneficial PLANKS are. I usually don’t do them but today I did three 2 minute planks.


Finished the afternoon off with some floor exercises
Stomach Crunches 600
Push ups 100

When I get back to Melbourne in a few days I will try and do a great deal more. BUT for now I am sitting back and taking it easy. Playing it smart.


All replies welcome.

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