Marathon: Art of recovery.


Tomorrow ( Sunday ) will be two weeks since I ran the Seoul Marathon. My second Marathon in four weeks. I am now in full recovery mode. Rest and recovery.

In the last two weeks I have not run further than 15 Km at one time. Added to that I am endeavoring to have a rest of both mind and body until Christmas. After that festive occasion the plan is to start exercising again and work towards the Tokyo Marathon on February 22.

Today I went out for lunch with ‘ the girls ‘ and probably eating food did me no good.


After stomping around the streets of Tokyo I felt a little weary.

Went for a very short jog. Easy plus. But I am resting.

After running I went to the gym. Really worked hard with the weights. I will do more in Melbourne but here in Tokyo today’s session was more than I usually do. Everything was done sitting in order to protect my sore knee which is still giving me trouble.Sweating when finished.

Blood Pressure again on the high side 153 over 82. I will look into this once back in Australia.
Heart Rate was 41 bpm. Rather good since I had been stuffing my face with food and tramping around the streets of Tokyo.

Push ups : 100
Stomach Crunches 400 Could have done more I suppose but these took forever and I felt a bit ill.

I think my plan is sound.Run little and do some gym work for a while.Then move back into Marathon training. Getting my wonky knee 100% during this time.

Was sent a photo of me running the Seoul Marathon by an unknown Korean person. Thank you.

I am not weighing myself….after having my nose in the food trough so often I am too scared to set foot on the scales.



All replies welcome.

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