Marathon: Fighting the pain


My left knee is still very sore. It has been two weeks since the Seoul Marathon and I have still not recovered.

Today is my last day in Japan until I come back in February next year and run the Tokyo Marathon. Accordingly,despite the fact I am still in ‘recovery’ and ‘rest’ mode,I decided to go to the Palace and run a few laps.


From the beginning of the run I felt the pain.Certainly every step hurt.But I have developed the idea of asking myself every time I feel that the pain is getting to me, “whether I am really hurting that badly? ”
Today my knee hurt but was it really that bad ? Maybe I was just being a wimp.
I ran the first 5 Km fairly fast. My chest at least felt good. Upper body passes….lower body fails…
Ran with Tamami and Mutsumi San,both of whom looked at ease and moved smoothly. I on the other was hitting the ground like an obese elephant.


Into the second lap I started to push the pace and left my Namban team mates behind.
There was a lot of other runners out there so there was always someone to chase and pass. Passing people all the time makes you feel quite good even if you know in your heart of hearts that you are moving like a dead parrot.

Anyway I left it at 10 Km and after some self massage could walk to the restaurant unaided.
I did not time the run ( of course!! I am so slow) but felt I ran the last Km or so hard. I also attacked the hills so that was a plus.

Being amazingly lazy I did not go to the gym today after I got back from the Palace….but just did floor exercises in the apartment.
Push ups 75
Stomach Crunches 300
Maybe back in Melbourne I can get stomach crunches up to a 1000 a day. But talk is cheap.

This morning my Blood pressure was 157/94 which I think is still in the death zone.
Pulse rate was 45 which was not too great either. With my wonky knee and the extra kgms I may be carrying I am a real mess. :-

I took my BP again after running and it was 124/73. So maybe I will live after all.
Heart rate was headed for the heavens at 48bpm. Ok I suppose after a fairly taxing run and a couple of cups of coffee.

WEIGHT….probably bad….too scared to check.


Tomorrow …early…I head for the airport for my flight back to Australia. I will continue my recovery. Rest. Recover. And then come back.Train hard…and after that train harder.


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