Marathon: PLAN: easy does it.


In simple terms this is my Marathon Plan:

December 26 2014 Start Training
February 22 2015 Tokyo Marathon
April 12 2015. Paris Marathon
October 18 2015. Melbourne Marathon

Currently I still have pain behind the knee. I ran 10 Km quite well at the Palace in Tokyo on Sunday but in reality I was in pain all of the way.

It is now rest time. Off season.Recovery time.


Today Tuesday ( and yesterday) I only went for a short jog. Nothing much.
I am pretty much committed to short jogs until Sunday. Surely I should be back to perfect by then. 🙂

Back in Melbourne at 2 AM this morning.

Today 100 push ups and 300 stomach crunches.
Two minute plank.

Tamami is running 5 or 6 Km everyday ( 10 Km on Sunday ) and will also start training after Christmas for the Tokyo Marathon. In April she will run a Marathon in England.

I am doing some leg exercises with strap on weights…I hope these will help my knee problems.

FRIDAY my Gym membership starts again. I will really work hard.

ALSO on Friday I will weigh myself and assess the damage. Friday is the Weigh In. Maybe a few days back in Melbourne will get rid of some of the lard and I will not be too depressed with what the scales tell me. I am hoping.


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