Marathon: Recovery


Whilst Tamami roared off into the rain this afternoon I sat around getting fat. Not good. 😦

I am still letting my sore knee have a rest. Most pain I can deal with and run through….that is half the fun of running marathons. But I am scared the tendon behind my knee will simply pack it in and I will be forced to go to Injury Island yet again….yet again.

First Rule of Running : Do not get injured !!

Short jog.
Push ups 120 ( I am doing more)
Stomach Crunches 400
Plank: 3 minutes
Leg lifts with weight strapped on. 10 by 2 for each leg.
Also used the old roller.( quads still sore)


I will start training for the Tokyo Marathon ( Feb 22 ) on Boxing Day. December 26.
Plan is to build up from 20 Km runs to ( maybe ) 35 Km runs. Also I want to get my overall speed up. Run a little faster. I especially want to run the second half of my training runs faster than the first. I also want to find a hill which I can run up for 60 seconds. I think that would be reasonable. Just have to find the suitable hill….not interested in dodging cars when I am dragging myself up an incline.

THURSDAY : will go to the Doctor. I need ashma medication….my blood pressure is off the planet…I sleep badly….I am a mess.

FRIDAY: I will weigh myself. I am hoping to be under 69 Kgm. I would like to run Tokyo Marathon at ( or even under ) 66kgm. Gotta stay away from….food.
Living a far too easy life in Japan. Back in Australia now….



2 thoughts on “Marathon: Recovery

    • Great….if you are happy to…and when I am back in action….lets run a few hill reps.
      I want to run for say 60 seconds…jog down and repeat. not sure how many…I am thinking 6 or 8 times. ( if I can !!)
      Find us a cool hill that fits the description and we can give it a go.

All replies welcome.

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