Marathon : Visiting the Doctor


This afternoon Tamami went for a long hard run whilst i did not.


Today I went to see the Doctor.

As normal when I see medical people there is the usual exclamation at how healthy I am.
But…but I am not so sure.
My Blood Pressure is way way up.
Suggestion was that I buy a pro BP monitor and record my levels for the next month and then come back.
SO…so I purchased this expensive toy. Reading after lunch was 176 over 90. Pretty high.
Took it again a few hours later after exercising and reading was 162 over 83.
AIM is 140 over 85.

Short jog
120 push ups
300 stomach crunches
2 by 15 leg lifts with weights on each leg
I also cut the lawn….does that count as exercise? 🙂

Tomorrow I am back in the Gym. Tamami will go and play Golf whilst I will try to put in an hour pushing weights at the local gym.

A couple of years back I heard a famous ex footballer talk about how he uses anti inflam cream made for horses and it works a treat…..Accordingly I contacted an on line pet shop in the USA and got some of this stuff.
Found out later it causes in humans…
headaches,coma and death.
I found out about the headaches early. 😦

TODAY I got some new anti inflam gel from the local Chemist. Called Rapigel. What could be safer than that. BUT then I discovered it is ” for animal treatment only “.
I have only used it once….what is the worst that can happen?


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