Marathon: Slow progress but Progress none the less.


Today is Scales Friday. The day I step on the scales and see how heavy I am.
After a fairly relaxed time in Tokyo with many fancy meals in high priced restaurants I was prepared for a fairly hefty result when I stepped on the machine this morning.
WEIGHT was 66.7 Kgm. ( in old speak that’s slightly less than 147 pounds). Not too bad.
I would like to run the Tokyo Marathon at 66kgm or less.

My Blood Pressure was not so good at 168 over 96. Still this was better than other readings in the recent past.

Heart Rate was 45 bpm. Probably the sheer excitement of stepping on the scales caused my HR to reach for the stars.

Again today Tamami went out for a good run.


I still have a slightly sore knee so I went to the Gym and did 62 minutes ( yes I time it) of upper body work and ab exercises. I think I worked quite hard. Certainly a public gym is a lot different to our quiet private Gym in Tokyo. Both have their charms.
Did 300 crunches on the exercise ball….pain and boring….
Do not get a great thrill from the gym but it is something I feel I should do.


In the afternoon
Push ups 100
Stomach crunches 300
Leg exercises 15 by two each leg.
Light quad lifts with ankle weight…15 by 2 each leg
Also did a series of back stretches….can not hurt if I do them carefully. Well I hope not.

I am really not doing any running because of my sore knee.
BUT I did run around what I call The Long Block….about 3 Km.
Tamami surprised me with a photo when I was not looking.


A bit of pain in the front of my right knee but not too bad.If it does not get any worse I can ignore it.
I put ice on my knee for 20 minutes. I think that made the pain lessen.
I also took an anti inflam tablet in the morning….did that help….maybe.

Also went to the local Golf Course and hit some golf balls….does that equate to some form of exercise ? 🙂


Went out and had my hair cut. Short hair means fast running. Everyone knows that. 😉


All replies welcome.

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